Hot water tap leads the new trend of industry

Date:2019-08-19 08:39:09 Clicks:903

In some Southeast Asian countries, such as Europe, America, Malaysia and Singapore, hot water taps have become the leading products of domestic water heaters, but they started relatively late in China. Faucet infrastructure in China is relatively inadequate, product quality is not up to standard and a series of factors such as electricity environment, once hindered the development of the market. In recent years, the domestic development situation has improved significantly.

Today, consumers pay more attention to consumer experience and personalized exclusive services when choosing products. The driving force of future market growth is still the upgrading of technology. "In the development process of instant electric water heater, the technical requirements for safety and energy saving run through all the time." With the development of society and hot water industry, safety and energy saving will become the focus of competition and development trend among the industries. Some frontier scientific and technological achievements, such as water and electricity seal isolation technology, leakage prevention technology, dry burning prevention technology, overvoltage prevention technology, high temperature scald prevention technology and other intelligent products have been recognized by consumers.

It is understood that although the hot water tap is hot on the spot, it has very high requirements for power lines, water pressure and temperature. Only by focusing on energy saving and low carbon as the focus of technological research and development, and committed to developing and promoting efficient, fast, energy-saving and low carbon hot water technology more suitable for China's water quality and geographical environment, can we become the global expert in solving low carbon domestic water and win the future market.

At present, there are many brands of hot water faucets, and the competition is intensifying. Because most manufacturers do not have their own R&D department and core technology, they only rely on follow-up and imitation.  And the general lack of personality, which invisibly aggravates the market chaos, resulting in a crowded market, good and bad situation. In order to survive, most enterprises have to sacrifice the interests of consumers, resulting in product quality and after-sales service is not guaranteed, as a result, consumer complaints increased, the industry image damaged.

The low level of repetition and disorderly competition in the market, on the one hand, increases the difficulty of consumers'purchase, on the other hand, makes the industry show premature fatigue after a short acceleration in the starting stage. Marketing concepts and practices are still basically focused on product function orientation, providing only cold products, lacking in in-depth communication with consumers. In fact, the strength of the brand can never be underestimated, which is also an important reason why enterprises pay more and more attention to shaping the brand image nowadays. How big is the market of traditional electric water heaters at present, and how big is the market of instant electric water heaters in the future. With the improvement of industry access threshold and the maturity of technology, it is expected that in the next three to five years, hot water faucets will gradually replace small and medium-sized water storage electric water heaters, ushering in explosive market growth and leading the new trend of domestic water faucets.


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