About Xinghong
About Xinghong

In 1997, Xinghong Appliance was established.

After more than 10 years’development, it has become into the Largest Supplier and Leading Service Provider of spare parts in Instant Water Heater industry, and maintains cooperation with more than 300 enterprises in this industry.

In 2012,Xinghong Appliance invested more than 10 million yuan in R&D of Instant Water Heater, and committed to creating and establishing the image of High-End / High-Quality / High Cost Performance Instant Water Heater manufacturer.

In 2014, Xinghong Appliance produced and sold more than 300,000 sets of Instant Water Heater.

In 2015, Xinghong Appliance became the exclusive designated manufacturer of TCL, and produced more than 400,000 sets of Instant Water Heater the same year.

In 2016, Xinghong Appliance launched deep cooperation with Haier Strauss brand, invested 3 million RMB in R&D, developed more than 10 different designs of High-End Instant Water Heater and sold more than 800,000 sets.


In 2017, Xinghong Appliance produced & sold more than 1.2 million sets & became the Top Leading Enterprise in this industry. In the same year, Xinghong Appliance introduced German brand --“Fudeer” and started to develop domestic market.

In 2018, Xinghong Appliance's production and sales of Instant Water Heater exceeded 1.5 million sets.


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