fudeer Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center

Date:2020-09-04 18:08:50 Clicks:1517

Date: August 6-8 booth No.: c09-10

Address: Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center

August 6-8, "Zhongshan Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center" held a home appliances trade fair, German brand Friedel again participated, the latest electric faucet in a strong launch. "Everything you need for hot water in your home", Fadel electric faucet popularity storm.

The electric faucet industry has developed rapidly in recent years. New technology, new appearance and new products are displayed in this exhibition to meet the needs of domestic users in most areas of the country. In 2020, the electric faucet industry will provide a basket of solutions for domestic and commercial hot water.

In terms of product design, fudel dares to break the uniform style and function of the previous articles in the industry. People oriented, it starts from the user interface, so that consumers can understand it at a glance, use it easily and comfortably, and reduce the cost of after-sales communication. It is the original intention of the founding team of Friedel to inherit the export quality and R & D spirit to make consumers really use the comfortable and cost-effective electric faucet. Strong products, strong enterprises. To go long-term, to maintain good product quality and after-sales service is the fundamental way.


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