Understanding the development of Fudeer in Germany

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  Fudeer is a German brand that implants high-end, energy-saving and environmental protection concepts into the design of electric and hot water faucets. It focuses on the research of German fast heating technology and is widely used in Fudeer's electric water heaters. It blows up the Fudeer whirlwind in the industry.

Brand history:

In 1946, after the end of World War II, Germany was in the limelight. Three young people with dreams set up a factory in Wolfsburg to supply metal parts for Volkswagen.

In 1951, it was rated as one of the excellent suppliers by the public because of its excellence in product quality. In the same year, Siemens Electrical Appliances began to customize gas water heater accessories.

In 1970, after 20 years of product experience accumulation and precipitation, we began the research and development, production and sales of gas water heaters, and established a joint-stock company to promote our brand-Fudeer.

In 1988, the company began investing heavily in the development of more energy-saving and environmentally friendly instant electric water heaters with Dortmund University of Technology in Germany, and relocated its headquarters to the high-tech park in the German industrial town of Prosperheim, Frankfurt.

In 2003, the research and development of German fast heating technology was widely used in Fudeer electric water heater, blowing up the industry Fudeer cyclone.

In 2014, the concept of high-end, energy-saving and environmental protection was implanted into the design of electric and hot water faucets. First, a number of metal instant hot water faucets were introduced.

In 2015, a strategic cooperation agreement was reached with Xinghong Company, a large domestic OEM manufacturer, to integrate German industry, German technology and German spirit into the electric and hot water tap and to lead the technological innovation of the industry once again.

Company Profile:

Fudel brand originated from Germany after World War II. After 20 years of product experience accumulation and precipitation, in 1998 and Dortmund Polytechnic University devoted themselves to the development of more energy-saving and environmental protection instant electric water heater. In 2003, the research and development achievements of German fast heating technology were widely used in Fud. EER electric water heater, will be high-end, energy-saving, environmental protection concept in the electric water heater, electric water faucet perfect combination of fudeer, once again lead the industry technological innovation. In 2015, the company focused on product development and breakthroughs in the high-end market, with numerous product lines, and developed 2-3 new products for the market every year. Among them, there are more than 60 products such as electric hot water taps, water heaters, kitchen treasures, dry clothes wardrobes and so on, with a long history from accessories processing to wardrobe. The research and development of finished products have rich experience in production and sales operation, dare to innovate, introduce new technologies at home and abroad, break through technical barriers in the industry;

Production Base: Xinghong Company, a large OEM manufacturer located in Yuyao, China

Brand Idea: Everything you need for your family's comfortable hot water

Product Idea: Fast, Healthy, Practical and Energy-saving

Core technologies:

1. Each product has a resettable explosion-proof pressure relief device, patent ZL 2016 2 0503793.3

2. Hydraulic start-up switch has been changed into an integrated film, which can reduce the damage caused by the movement of the ceramic pin after the removal of the ceramic pin, greatly prolong the service life of the film (twice as long as the current stable products in the market), and has applied for a patent for utility model.

3. 304 stainless steel has been used in most of the inlet and outlet pipes of the main push machines.

4. The wire is drawn with 49 0.198 square copper wires, which is much higher than the requirements of the peers.

5. Develop anti-freezing film and equipment exclusively to prevent damage to machine caused by special temperature.

6. Check valves are installed at the intake to prevent backflow pipes from polluting the water in the pipes.

7. Pass the harsh test requirements of Haier Laboratory's abnormal use (1 connected with the tap state, 2 dripping state, 3 outlet completely closed state, 4 with water dry burning test, 5 without water dry burning test, 6 outlet connecting valve closed test, 7 digital display temperature and actual temperature deviation).

8. It has passed environmental ROHS test and EMC test.

9. Production strength years of brand OEM (2 million units) product experience and team strength.

Product advantages:

A Appearance Metallized H, Anti-Siphon Design

B Use Innovative Micro Power Water Flow Switch I, Dream Circle Design

Design of C Handle Cooling System J, Patent Explosion-proof and Freeze-proof Design

Integrated Design of D Aluminum Cast Heating K and Patent Start Film

E Blue Temperature Display (Healthy Eye Protection)

L Design of Water-proof Dry Burning

F restorable heat preservation

G adopts 304 stainless steel from intake to outlet (environmental protection and health)

Product Series:

Electric and hot water faucet: suitable for kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Instant water heater: suitable for bathroom


Kitchen Treasure/Undertable Treasure Series: Applicable to Kitchen

No worries after sale:

Lifelong warranty is only for your comfortable use experience.






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